Attaining all the financial difficulties, spending time with family members, get entertained and remain physically fit are the most common fantasy in the life of a humble person. But there is a clockwork rolling over us. We run after one and lose the other. Every day we end up losing something. But if you manage your time handsomely with your proficient hand, you will win the life hacks.

So, why not give a try to fulfill all of your fantasies on time?

I don’t know you noticed or not. In every sport, the players always remain fit and look healthy without going gym. Because an average person who goes to the gym and burns calories, the same calories a player burns during his play.

Sports is the only way to bring all the things in one place. Apart from that, if I specify one sport like table tennis, it will even save your time after doing all of these above.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing Table Tennis?

Before you know how many calories are burned playing table tennis, I want to remind you that table tennis is not a sport its a game. People who knows the difference between sports and games they can make an assumption how many calories are burned playing table tennis.

Table tennis is an indoor sport where you can play with your family. It also a fart of entertainment. See, spending time with family, getting entertained and remain physically fit all of these you will get playing table tennis.

So today we will discuss how many calories do you burn and some other benefits playing table tennis.

How many calories are burnt playing table tennis?

Perhaps 300-500 calories are burnt of a competitive player for one hour. But it seems to be less between 200 and 400 when you play for recreational purposes in your house.

If you want the exact number of calories you burn then you have to do a kind of math.

Firstly, check your body weight and MET value (the MET value of table tennis is 3.3). Then divide it by the hours you play table tennis.

For example, you are 63kg and play tennis every day for one hour. So what you have to do is…

Your weight * MET = Result / Hour

 65         * 3.3     = 214.5 / 1 

So, you burn 214.5 calories playing table tennis.

10 More Benefits of Playing Table Tennis

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Improves body flexibility: when you start playing table tennis, you have to move your body constantly. Besides moving your body, the other part of your body like hands, lags will also move. Gradually your every part of the body will be flexible.

Improves hand and eyes muscles: table tennis is all about moving hands and eyes. Due to being small the ball, eyes have to put extra focus on it and one of your hand keeps hitting the ball. so, it will improve both hand and eyes muscles.

Develops mental strength: if you want to beat your opponent you have to go through with some mental activities besides your table tennis skills. And it will straight hit in your brain. So, it develops mental strength.

Good for joints: when you play, the joints like wrist joint, hand joint, elbow joint, and knee joint start working. So, it is good for your joints.

Reduces stress: As we all know every sport and game keeps us away from our other daily activities that are full of stress till we play. Table tennis also makes stress free for a particular time.

Increases blood flow: during your play, your body starts consuming more oxygen than your normal activities. The oxygen increases the flow of your blood inside the body.

Improves strategic thinking ability: for beating your opponent you will get a place to think strategically in table tennis like how to play with this opponent, what are the weak points, how to react and everything. And you have to make a quick decision. So, it will improve your strategic thinking ability.

Develops family bond: most of the recreational table tennis player plays in leisure time with their family in indoor. It is like spending time with family. So, it develops the bond of family.

Develops social interaction: when you go to other places from your own for playing table tennis, you can interact with others. You can exchange your culture and social interaction. This is a good thing.

Compensates the lack of entertainment: all the people need entertainment in their life. But most of the time we do not have time to get entertained. Table tennis is a part of entertainment and it will compensate your lack of entertainment.

Final verdict

Sports are one of the blessings for human as well as table tennis. Table tennis is not only burn calories but also reduces our stress, improves social interactions and so on. So, keep playing table tennis and enjoy a beautiful life.