If you’re concerned enough to search for how to clean a ping pong paddle, then I can surely understand how serious you are about this game. So, according to determiner of your seriousness, we should first explain why it is necessary to clean a ping pong table.

A ping pong paddle is actually what your ping pong game depends on. The ball you play with is pretty much the same. But a paddle matters the most because that’s the only thing you hold throughout the whole game.

Now, before starting to explain why cleaning is important, there’s another thing that we have to let you know. There are some people who buy replacements as soon as there ping pong paddle gets a bit weakened due to the regular usage. But a simple cleaning can solve that in less money and time.

So, it’s really important to know about the cleaning stuff.

Why It’s Important To Keep Your Ping Pong Paddle Clean?

It is easily noticeable that a shiny new ping pong paddle works better than a dirty old one. There must be a reason why something like that happens right? Some might say because regular use causes the build to get tampered. But the real reason is, a new paddle is cleaner than an old paddle. That’s what actually makes the real difference.

Most of the people who are regularly changing their old paddles are changing it because it’s getting spotty and dirty. So, that is what should make a difference between a good play and a bad play.

A new paddle’s rubber has more accuracy because of its clean surface. It has more springiness than a worn out rubber of an old paddle. Dust and dirt put a dulling effect on the rubber surface of the paddle. Also, they harm the grip which makes it harder for anyone to aim for an accurate shot. So, what could be the solution to this rather than changing the paddle frequently?

The answer is to keep the paddle clean using the techniques below. The explained techniques are easy and mostly cost-free. So, it makes you save money and quite a lot of time. Face it, when your paddle gets worn out, you wait for some days to buy a new one. Now you won’t have to wait till buying a new one.

Here are 3 methods explaining how to clean a ping pong paddle in details: Check how make ping pong paddle sticky.

1. The Water And Sponge Technique

The least expensive way of cleaning your paddle is this technique. All you have to do is soak a regular kitchen sponge in warm water and gently scrub the rubber surface of the paddle. This will soak the dust and make the dirt come off.

The caution here is that you don’t scrub the rubber too harshly. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the paddle. Just gently rub the surface and repeat the process till it looks clean and becomes tacky like before.

There are a lot of special sponges that are made just for scrubbing your ping pong paddle. Those are the best ones to do the work with. But in case you don’t want to spend a penny cleaning your paddle, it’s okay for you to use the regular kitchen sponge.

Buy a regular sponge and don’t use it to do anything else rather than cleaning. Do not use the same sponge to clean dishes and plates. Because there might be some soap left on the sponge and it will definitely cause the paddle to be harmed.

2. Using Rubber Cleaning Solutions

Sometimes the paddle might get dirtier and dustier than usual. In such a case, the sponge technique might now work. So, the next best technique is to apply rubber cleaning solutions. These solutions can be found in the form of sprays or foam.

What you have to do is apply the foam or the spray on the rubber surface and gently rub it all over the paddle surface to make sure that the dirt and dust come off to be scrubbed off. But there’s a caution in this too.

There are solutions that are used for hard rubbers which are not used in ping pong paddles. The ping pong paddle rubber is quite tacky and needs to be cared for smoothly. So, before buying a rubber cleaning solution, check if it is used for gentle cleaning or not. If it is for hard cleaning, you will end up destroying the rubber surface completely and you will make it completely unusable.

3. The Toothbrush Method For Deep Cleaning

If you have a paddle that requires deep cleaning, then you should use this method. Sometimes the dirt gets stuck into such places that you might have to scrub a bit harder to get it out. But with a toothbrush, all you have to do is soak it a little bit in normal water and gently brush the rubber surface. The bristles will do their magic and clean the places that are unreachable for the sponge.

The caution is to use a toothbrush that has very soft bristles. If the bristles are too hard, it will cause the rubber to get damaged. Thus making the paddle unsuitable to play with. So, remember this caution carefully.

The best part is that it’s not hard to find a toothbrush with soft bristles. So, there’s actually no problem using this method.

Remember at all times to let the paddle dry in air. Never use any kind of cloth to dry up the damp paddle rubber surface. Because you cannot soak the damp part with anything. It’s better to let the paddle dry itself. Thus it will be better for the longevity of the paddle.

Final Words

So, that’s how you can prevent yourself from buying new paddles every now and then. If you don’t trust the methods, just apply any of them once and you will surely see the difference.

An old paddle will never give you the same type of playing reliability as a new one. But due to the frequency of changing the paddle, it’s hard for anyone to adjust the gameplay. Because every paddle is different from each other. Some might feel good at your hand, some might not.

You should always buy a paddle that is suitable for your hand, and after you buy one, if you want to change it again, it’ll be harder for you to find a paddle with the same type of comfort. So, knowing how to clean a ping pong paddle is the solution to your problems at gameplay. Apply it and see the results yourself.