Can you imagine, heading your ping pong journey without spin?

I believe spin is the oar of every ping pong player to take them to the next level.

The truth is, there is no other alternative way to reach on top in ping pong skipping spin.

That’s why people who want to establish a better career in ping pong, they are knee to learn how to put a spin on ping pong ball in the serve or middle of the rally.

What Is More Important to Create Spin

Before learning how to put a spin on ping pong serve, it is important to know that, where we need to emphasize on. On grip, brush, or wrist?


As we all know there are multiple grips in ping pong like shakehand grip, penhold grip, and so on.

Basically grips are the way of holding ping pong paddle. You can find more about the grips here.

So you can create spin in every grip.

There is less importance of grips creating spin in ping pong serve.


Brushing is the most important to create spin in serve. Brushing defines what kind of spins you want to create, backspin, sidespin, or topspin?

The better you can brush your ball the better spin you can create.


The wrist is also important to create spins. If your wrist is flexible, you can create high-quality spins. Because the wrist makes it easy to brush a ball.

So, if you combine the wrist and brush together and put sufficient speed on the bat, you can rock on ping pong table with spins.

How to Put Spin on Ping Pong Ball Serve

So, it is obvious that there are three sorts of spin in ping pong, the backspin, sidespin, and topspin.

Let’s see, how you can put all three spins on ping pong ball in the serve…


Backspin is the most effective serve in ping pong. And creating backspin is pretty easy.

  1. Hold your bat horizontally as you can slice the ball.
  2. Make your wrist open and free.
  3. Throw the ball up and hit it with the front side of the bat, then brush the ball as fast as possible.


Sidespin is also important to serve in table tennis. If you are a beginner, you need to give extra effort to create sidespin.

  1. Hold the bat horizontally.
  2. Bent the bat 30 degree down.
  3. Throw the ball and hit it with the bottom of the bat on the side of the ball, then brush the ball and take the bat into your body.


Creating topspin is similar with sidespin.

  1. Hold the bat horizontally as sidespin
  2. Bent the bat 80 degrees down.
  3. Throw the ball and hit it with the front of the bat on the top of the ball, then brush the ball and take the bat outside of your body.

Which Spin is Better for Serve

Among all the three spins in ping pong which one will give you the better result in serve?

Basically, most of the professional players refer to serve with backspin.

The good thing in backspin is your opponent has less opportunity to hit the ball in attacking mood.

So, the thing is backspin will be a decent choice to serve.

Final Verdict

So, finally, I can hope that this article helped you to know the basics about how to put a spin on ping pong ball in the serve.