when we think to have a new ping pong paddle for the first time, we do not know which paddle is the best. So, we start collecting some reviews of different kinds of paddles through google or the people around us. This not like there is only a single piece of paddle that is the best. There are plenty of paddles that are considered the best. You have to choose the best one for you one among them.

Today we will talk about one of the best paddles that you can choose for you. This is the Stiga Torch paddle.

Stiga Torch paddle rating

  • Speed – 88%
  • Spin – 77%
  • Control – 82%

Whom the Stiga Torch Paddle for

Basically, Stiga Torch is suited for intermediate players and beginners. Since the control rate of the paddle is 82, this paddle will be the best choice for beginners.

I would not recommend this paddle for advanced players. Considering the rating and price of the paddle will be the best for beginners.

Stiga Torch Paddle Review

Stiga Torch has some amusing features to be the best paddle of yours. Now I am going to tell you about some features that made the paddle best.

Let’s see….

WRB Base Handle

Weight balance

Rate of recovery

Ball sensitivity

WRB is used for removing the weight of the handle. If the handle is a little big, WRB can adjust the weight. It also adds ball sensitivity to the paddle. WRB makes paddle faster than a normal paddle.

Crystal Technology: Crystal Technology is used on a paddle for increasing the speed. Crystal Technology makes you paddle’s blade harder. And the hard blade increases the speed of the ball.

Balsa Wood: The blades of this paddle are made of balsa wood. They make the paddle so light. Balsa blades have great control and touch while returning and pushing the serves.

Performance of the Stiga Torch

A paddle is being considered as the best paddle depending on its performance. So, let’s how the Stiga Torch performs in the player’s hand.

Speed: Speed is the most important part of a paddle. If you hit a ball with a paddle and the ball is not speed, your opponent will take the opportunity of this ball. so, make sure your paddle has enough speed. Stiga Torch has 80% speed. 80 is enough for a decent paddle.

Spin: Spin is also important. But not so much for beginners. You have to be more experienced to make a ball spin with your paddle. I will recommend not to think about spin at the beginning level. Your spin will be developed automatically day after day.

Since the spin is not important for beginners but you can not avoid it. You have to choose a paddle that has enough spin. The spin rate of the Stiga Torch is 77. As a beginner, you need not more than this.

Control: Control is the most crucial part of a paddle. Especially for the beginners. They need more control of a paddle than speed and spin.

Stiga torch has a high control rating that is 82. I believe this a decent control rating for a beginner.

Stiga Torch paddle


  • 5 play blades
  • Reasonable price
  • 2mm sponge
  • ITTF approved


  • Lightweight
  • Not for advanced players

Final Verdict

This is obvious that, before you going to buy a paddle, you must check the performance rating of the paddle. Regarding the speed, spin, and control the Stiga torch in not a paddle that people can skip. For you, as a beginner, my recommendation will be Stiga Torch. So, stop being confused and grab the Stiga Torch paddle.